Best Residential Areas in Colombo

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Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, has a lot to offer, but which part of the city is best to live in?

Congratulations! Colombo is a good choice for your new home. Sri Lanka is becoming increasingly popular, both with Sri Lankans who have returned to their home country as expats (which is now more prosperous) and with international expats. We are here to help you find out which area is best suited for your new adventure in Sri Lanka's capital.

Colombo 3, Kollupitiya
With its diverse population and its many restaurants and entertainment possibilities, there is always something to do in Kollupitiya that is fun. It is an excellent choice if you are on budget. As one of the most popular areas of Colombia, it is sought after for both commercial and residential properties.

Many financial and government institutions are based here. So if you live and work in Colombo, chances are that you will be close to the office, which is great if you want to avoid commuting.

There are many fine hotels in the area, including the Cinnamon Grand, Hotel Renuka and the Indra Regent. You will also find some great bars, clubs and grocery stores in this district. There are three upscale shopping malls, including Liberty Plaza and the adjacent Liberty Arcade and Crescat Boulevard. Our offer includes a number of attractive properties in Kollupitiya.

There are a number of three-bedroom rental apartments for LKR 175,000 per month, but more luxurious rental apartments can cost up to 350,000 or more per month, depending on size and location. For example, if you want to buy a property, this three-bedroom apartment will sell for LKR 160 million. The apartments for sale are between LKR 16 and 40 million. Take a look at our offers and we are sure that there is something that suits you.

Colombo 4, Bambalapitiya
This suburb is lively, busy and a popular place for visitors to the city. Again, prices are quite high, but the area is safe and close to all amenities. The district's main shopping center, Majestic City, is a great attraction for tourists and locals alike. Within this mall there are a number of different retail outlets and several cinemas.

There are numerous restaurants, casinos and other entertainment facilities for all tastes in the district. The west side of the suburb is located directly on the Indian Ocean. The historic area is famous for its private sector educational institutions, including several institutions specializing in information technology education, the Holy Family Convent Girls' School and the prestigious Colombo Hindu College.

The proximity of the districts to these institutions makes it very suitable for families. A large family home in Bambalapitiya, such as this five-bedroom house near the main shopping centre, is on the market for LKR 175 million. However, apartments are much more common in our offerings and prices range from LKR 20 to 40 million.

Colombo 7, Cinnamon Gardens
Cinnamon Gardens is a high class district and is located about 3 km from the city centre. Properties in Cinnamon Gardens are generally more luxurious, which is why prices are on average higher than in Colombo 3 and 4. As far as houses for rent are concerned, this impressive 5 bedroom property has recently been put up for rent and would be an ideal location in Cinnamon Gardens at a good price.

The apartments for sale in Colombo 7 range from LKR 140 million for a luxury home to LKR 20 million for a more modest apartment. To buy a large house in this area, one would normally need to have a considerable amount of money. This amazing villa, for example on the market for LKR 335 million, will take your breath away.

Many government buildings, including the town hall, are located in this area, and the Sri Lanka National Museum, the largest in the country, is also located in this district. The area is multi-religious, with Sinhalese and Tamils living side by side. There are many villas in the neighbourhood and the streets are beautiful and lined with trees. Centuries ago cinnamon was grown in this part of Sri Lanka. Today it is home to the beautiful University of Colombo and many wealthy individuals.

Colombo does not have to be expensive, because areas like Wattala and Battaramulla are more affordable. You will love living in the capital of this spectacular country and even if you have just bought a holiday home in this city, you will have so many memories that will stay forever.

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